May 19, 2024 Changes for the Better

Base Edition of NGO-in-a-Box Released Online

Tactical Tech and Women’sNet are pleased to announce the web launch of the latest edition of NGO-in-a-box, the BaseBox.

The BaseBox is a collection of tools for the day to day running of small to medium sized NGOs. Produced by Tactical Tech in collaboration with Women’sNet, the BaseBox aims to make it easier to set up base, find the right software and learn how to use it.

Targeted primarily at activist and advocacy organisations in developing countries the Box contains a set of peer-reviewed Free and Open Source Software tools, with associated guides and tutorials. The edition can be accessed online but it’s primary form is as a physical box set of CDs, providing immediate access to all the software tools without the need to download them. The physical box will become available in the coming weeks.

The BaseBox aims to assist organisations make good choices about what technology to employ by collating concrete recommendations of tried and tested software along with documentation on how to use them. The contents of the toolkit were selected by an editorial team made up of leading international practitioners working in technology support for non-profits, social justice organising and the development and deployment of Free and Open Source Software. The team, consisting of people from South Africa, the Philippines, Bulgaria, India, Australia and the US, worked together to test and select the best software in the following categories:

  • Office Suites and Word Processing
  • Finance and Fundraising
  • Project Management and Collaboration
  • Volunteer and Staff Management
  • Web Browsers and Email
  • Instant Messaging and Telephony
  • Surveys
  • Anti-virus

Aside from the BaseBox CD the edition also includes a copy of Ubuntu, a GNU/Linux operating system, and SME Server. For more information about these CDs please see

Combined, these CDs provide the necessary tools to set up base, get started and get on with your work. If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the BaseBox please contact us at

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