April 17, 2024 Changes for the Better

Audio/Video Edition of NGO-in-a-box Updated

The Audio/Video edition of NGO-in-a-Box is a collection of Free and Open Source Software tools, guides and tutorials for multimedia production and distribution. We’ve just updated the edition with some new tools, revised the versions of the software, added the ability to browse the content by tags and also included some new categories .

You can see the updated version at av.ngoinabox.org

About the box

The Audio/Video edition of NGO-in-a-Box is a toolkit that lowers the entry level for NGOs, non-profits and media activists wanting to use audio and video for social change. The edition can be accessed online but it’s primary form is as a physical box set of CDs, providing immediate access to all the software tools without the need to download them.

Produced in collaboration with EngageMedia, the contents of the toolkit were selected by an editorial team made up media and technology activists consisting of people from Australia, Brazil, Croatia, the Netherlands, Serbia, the US and South Africa.

The box covers the following areas

  • Audio and video editing and production
  • Streaming
  • Audio and video players
  • CD/DVD ripping and burning
  • CD/DVD/VCD creation
  • Online distribution – podcasting, vodcasting and web publishing
  • Micro radio and TV
  • Digital distribution strategies

Also included in the box is the multimedia Linux distribution Dyne:bolic and the TheOpenCD, a collective of open source programmes for day to day activities.

Combined, these CDs provide a suite of free and open source software for multimedia production, distribution and collaboration.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the Audio/Video editon please contact us at av@tacticaltech.org

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