July 24, 2024 Changes for the Better

Audio Video Edition Released!

The Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-box is now available. Produced in collaboration with EngageMedia and launched at the iCommons Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the Audio/Video Box is a toolkit of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), documentation and tutorials for NGOs, non-profits and media activists.

Traditionally audio and video production and distribution have been cost prohibitive for most people, particularly for those in transition or developing countries. New technologies are changing that. We’ve put together a kit that lowers the entry level for NGOs and individuals wanting to use audio and video, introduces you to the world of FOSS as well as low-cost technology and its possibilities for transforming the balance of forces in the realm of media production.

What’s in the box?

The AV edition contains a number of guides, tutorials and FOSS tools that will enable you to

  • capture, edit and stream audio and video
  • podcast and distribute your work online
  • create DVDs and VCDs
  • utilise these applications tactically for activism and advocacy

The AV edition contains an introductory booklet and three CDs including

  • TheOpenCD – a live Ubuntu distribution and a collection of excellent FOSS desktop applications for Windows
  • Dyne:bolic – a linux operating system specialising in multimedia applications.
  • NGO-in-a-box Audio/Video CD.

The box is not aimed at experts but hopes instead to make these often complex tools accessible to a broader user base. We envision the Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-box within a trajectory of citizen journalism and advocacy work, a toolkit for DIY media makers to find their voice and effect change.

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