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The Recession’s Effect on RnP Huff Computing Solutions

RnP Huff Computing Solutions is a small husband and wife computer business that offers programming and web design services. They also offer data entry, database design and creation, and even system design and implementation. They can create web content, white papers, and press releases for their customers as well. RnP Huff has only been in business since December 2008, but has had several contracts, all with professional results and a high customer satisfaction rating. They are based in San Diego, California, but they offer services across the country and are willing to travel to any locale needed. Here is a look at how the current recession has affected their business.

The economy was responsible for the start of this company. Roger and Pamela Huff finished college just in time for the job market to be shot. They entered a field full of lay offs and reductions. Having to compete with qualified people with ten plus years of experience and willing to take entry level wages, there was no chance of getting a job. This led them to start the business they had planned, only sooner. This has not had a negative effect and may have aided in the business. By forcing the start of this company early, they were able to capitalize on people trying to find cheaper solutions. Since RnP Huff utilized the free agent market to advertise, they truly flourished. Many companies started to use the free agent market to find cheap alternatives and RnP Huff was there for them.

Financially, the company is struggling, but things are beginning to look up. Since their overhead is extremely low, they are able to under cut many other businesses and get a few extra contracts that many other companies can not lower to. The company is based from their home, reducing the need for grants and loans. This does not mean that they do not try to get these. With advertising prices so high right now and incomes low, they can not advertise as much as they should. This is truly limiting their business. There are not many cheap ways to promote a company out there. Outside of free listing sites, there is little knowledge of this company. Since banks are limiting the funds that they loan out there have yet to be any outside funds for this company. This company has been created solely on its own ability to raise capital.

Overall, the economy has been good to RnP Huff Computing Solutions. With news that the market is getting better, they have seen a slump in new contracts. The fact that they cater to the small business and offer cheaper rates is really all they have going for them. Since banks are guarding their money, there is little they can do to emerge on the scene. With grants almost non-existent and a low personal credit score, this business may start to suffer in the near future. The true test will be if they can last the summer.

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