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Best Places to Get Free Wireless Internet Access

With wireless internet more popular now than ever before, there are hundreds of public places where a wireless internet connection can be accessed.

Wireless internet gives the user the ability to access the internet from anywhere that has a unsecured wireless internet connection. Have you ever been in town and needed to read an important email or document or even to shop for stuff like golf clubs? Well now you can. There are plenty of places that offer unsecured wireless internet access. Some of the wireless internet access locations may require a password but chances are that if the internet connection is on a unsecured network you will not need a password. All of the wireless internet connection access locations are listed below but first there are a couple of steps that need to be completed before attempting to access the internet connection.

  • Ensure that the computer has a internal or external wireless adapter.
  • Ensure that the wireless adapter is turned on.

Both of the above mentioned steps must be performed before the computer can access a wireless internet connection. If the computer does not have a wireless adapter, a external wireless adapter can be found at most all major retail stores that sell computers.

The Best Places to Get Free Wireless Internet Access

  1. Neighbors– Before going anywhere, turn on the computers wireless adapter ans search for nearby wireless networks around your neighborhood. Chances are that one of your neighbors has a wireless internet connection. Look for the unsecured network connections.
  2. Public Library– Most all public libraries offer a free wireless internet connection. A password is most likely needed to access the internet connection.
  3. Local Coffee Shops– Small coffee shops are popping everyday in big cities and rural communities as well. The small coffee shops offer coffee and a free wireless internet connection to increase their customer count. You could even play your favorite 겜블시티 주소 online while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.
  4. Fast Food Places– Most all major fast food places offer free wireless internet access. Eat your meal and surf the internet at the same time.
  5. Local parks– Medium size cities to big cities offer free wireless internet to park visitors. The park is a great place to relax and surf the internet or get some work done.
  6. Bookstores– Most all major retail bookstores also offer free wireless internet. The book stores also serve coffee so that you can use the internet while enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee.
  7. Malls– Bigger malls also offer free wireless internet that can be accessed inside of the mall or outside of the mall. Use the unsecured networks to prevent from having to use a password.
  8. Hotels– All of the bigger retail hotels and motels also offer the free wireless internet service to all of their customers. Most hotels have a secured network but some also carry a unsecured network.
  9. Shopping Plazas– Check with local shopping plazas for free wireless internet access. Chances are that at least one of the stores will have a unsecured network connection that the computer can connect too from inside of the car.
  10. Airports– All major airports now have free wireless internet. Whether you are flying or just using the airport to access the internet connection does not matter. Most airports have a secured network connection but the password can be easily obtained by asking one of the clerks.

As stated above, to obtain free wireless internet access, a unsecured network will have to be used to prevent from having to use a password. A unsecured network may be a little bit slower and a little bit less secure but as long as it is only used for a small amount of time, everything should be alright. There are also secured networks that do not require a password. Follow the tips below to access the free internet connections to determine if the connection is secured or unsecured.

  • Turn the wireless adapter to the computer on.
  • Open up the “wireless Configuration” box.
  • Click on the “Search for Networks” option.
  • Once the search results have been returned, you will see different internet connections. Try connecting to the secured networks first to determine if a password is needed or not. If a password is needed, a box will pop up and prompt you for the password.
  • Connect to the unsecured network connection and the wireless adapter will allow the computer to access the unsecured internet connection. Start surfing the internet.

Free wireless internet connections are offered in hopes to bring more people into an establishment. Most unsecured networks can be accessed from inside the establishment or outside of the establishment.

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